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Calendar Roadsitalia 2022

Roadsitalia 2022 Calendar
Spend a whole year with Roadsitalia.
PDF downloadable for free at this LINK: ROADSITALIA 2022 CALENDAR
Limited edition copies.

If you are one of our super FAN, Take a screenshot / photo to the calendar and tag our page @roadsitalia on Instagram together with our models.
Models: @nicolelicini, @giadabrince, @giulia_sanga

We will be happy to publish your shots on our social channels.

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Ref:: Roadsitalia

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Motorbike Neck Warmer Roadsitalia

When travelling by motorbike and covering many kilometres, it is inevitable to encounter different weather conditions, even within a few hours.
Crossing plains, hills and mountains, one can encounter different temperatures and winds that are more or less cold.
Protecting one's neck in the best possible way is essential for the motorcyclist. Especially in the colder seasons: autumn and winter.
The Roadsitalia motorbike neck warmer is the motorcyclist's best ally and, in addition to protecting him, will be able to make the biker's look unique.

What are you waiting for? Give yourself a present and buy the new Roadsitalia neck warmer 100% made in Italy!

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