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By Vincent M. (ST BENOIT DE CARMAUX, Francia) on 22 March 2023 :

Product rated : Projsix Titanium Roadsitalia Kawasaki Z1000 (no SX) 2007-2009 Je l'ai commandé pour mon z1000 de 2008 et franchement rien a envié au grande marque que tout le monde connaît. Je recommande sans problème, le colis a été livré avec un jour d'avance.

By Fausto C. (Novara, Italia) on 20 March 2023 :

Product rated : Thunder Carbon Roadsitalia Ducati Monster 797 Ottimo prodotto e sound stupendo! Arrivato con largo anticipo rispetto al previsto. Qualità ottima! Consigliato

By Nicolas C. (CHATILLON, Francia) on 19 March 2023 :

Product rated : Special Carbon Roadsitalia Yamaha MT-07 2017-2020 Livraison rapide. Démontage de la ligne d'origine et montage de la ligne "speial carbon Roaditalia" en environ 1h30. essaie de la nouvelle ligne et du nouveau son (whaou - son gras et grave) depuis les voitures s'écartent quand j'arrives. Bref...

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Ducati Desert X

Welcome into the category dedicated to Roadsitalia sport exhausts for Ducati Desert X.

Within this category are shown all models of Roadsitalia exhausts that can be installed on the Ducati Desert X.

By installing a Roadsitalia sports exhaust, significant benefits are obtained, including: the sound becomes sportier, the look of the bike is clearly improved, engine performance is increased, the weight of the bike is reduced (making it more agile and lighter), and heat from the original exhaust system is reduced thanks to the greater speed at which exhaust gases flow outwards.

All models are approved for use on public roads throughout Europe and Switzerland (the certificate is included) and the silencers are equipped with a db-killer. Customers who want a less sporty sound can opt for the No-Noise version of the Db Killer (optional), which uses an internal metal mesh to further reduce the sound.

If it is possible to add a catalyzer as an option, we recommend that you purchase it so that you receive dual homologation for road use (sound and exhaust emissions). An exhaust without a catalytic converter is only approved with regard to sound. If this option is not included in the product page, it means that you do not need to purchase it (you keep the original one or your motorbike is pre-2003).

It is not mandatory to remap the ECU or install an add-on module. The Roadsitalia exhaust can be installed and used without the need for this type of modification. The more demanding customers who want to optimize the power and torque of the engine can evaluate this type of operation.

All models are supplied complete with fitting kit and can be installed without any modifications: the original exhaust is removed and the new Roadsitalia exhaust is installed.

To make it easier to choose the ideal model for your bike, we confirm that the difference between the various models is purely aesthetic, so choose the one you prefer based on design and budget.

More in-depth information can be read on the FAQ page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Ref:: Roadsitalia

Ref: NOKAT - DESX - E5

No Kat Ducati Desert X EURO 5

No kat pipe (Removes the catalyst) for Roadsitalia sports exhausts.

Dedicated version for Ducati Desert X with Euro 5 homologation.

The pipe removes the catalyst and makes the exhaust direct.

It is installed between the manifolds and the connection pipe of the silencer without the need for modifications.

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