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All our sport exhausts are approved for road use (unless otherwise specified).

The envelope containing the homologation certificates is always included in the package when ordering a new sports exhaust.

It is not necessary to register in the motorbike official documents the replacement of the original exhaust system with a sports one.

The only obligation is to always have the homologation certificate with you when using the motorcycle on public roads.

In the event of a police check, only on request, just show the certificate.

The correspondence between the homologation codes on the certificate and on the sports silencer will confirm the homologation for road use.

In case of loss, the issue of a new certificate will cost €35 and will be sent by post or e-mail based on the customer's request.

Contact our customer service to send the request.


If your motorbike is registered in Switzerland, on request, included in the price, we issue certificates for use on Swiss roads.

When ordering, send us a copy of the gray card of your motorbike (the official document of the motorbike) and we will also send you the Swiss certificate.


All motorbikes, starting from 2003, are originally equipped with a catalytic converter.

The catalyzer is necessary to have the sound and the emissions approved for the public road use.

To be in order, you must purchase the sport silencers with the optional catalyzer.

The exhaust with catalyzer has a double homologation (sound and emissions).

The exhaust without catalyst is only approved for sound.

Ps. If the catalytic converter is installed in the original motorbike collectors, it is not necessary to purchase it together with the sports exhaust.