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By Manuele S. (Vicenza , Italia) on 11 May 2022 :

Product rated : Special Titanium Black Roadsitalia Honda Hornet 600 1998-2002 Come da titolo un sound davvero pazzesco premetto che ho una Hornet del 2001 a carburatori con lo scarico non più originale ma un Leovinci SBK Titanium è questo che ho acquistato per me e decisamente superiore in tutto appena mi è arrivato sono...

By alberto C. (Assago, Italia) on 11 May 2022 :

Product rated : Special Titanium Roadsitalia Honda Integra NC 750 Ricevuto e montato ieri, montaggio semplice, prodotto molto bello esteticamente, assolutamente ben fatto. Sound con il db killer montato già decisamente pieno e corposo, ma lo spettacolo vero si ha togliendolo. Unica pecca, la fascetta di...

By Davide Leonardo D. (Budrio, Italia) on 08 May 2022 :


If you've landed on our website, you most likely own a motorcycle or are an motorsport enthusiast, just like us.

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How does it work?
If you invite a friend or make purchases on our site, you will earn loyalty points that will save you on your next order.

Each time you view the product sheet you are interested in, you will see exactly how many Loyalty Points you will earn by purchasing it and how much you will save on your next order.


If you add more than one product to the cart, the accumulation of Loyalty Points will be automatically calculated based on the amount achieved.

How are your Loyalty Points calculated and how much are they worth?
1 € = 1 Loyalty Point - 100 Loyalty Points = 5 € discount on your next purchase

Starting with your next order, you will be free to choose whether to use your loyalty points immediately.

You can check how many points you have directly on your account page.


Sharing a passion with people is one of the best things.

If this sharing also generates savings, it becomes even more interesting.

How does it work?

Share on Social channels, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Whatsapp, e-mail or as you prefer your dedicated link that you find within your account.

You and your friend will receive 100 Loyalty Points (100 points each).

Your friend will receive them right away to complete their first purchase and you will receive them when their purchase is complete.

If you have already accumulated points, these new points will be added to those already present in your account.

Here's what your account summary page looks like:


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