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This page contains the answers to the most common questions that our customers ask us.
If you don't find the answer, you can contact us via the contact page of the website, it will be a pleasure for us to resolve any doubts.

Are Roadsitalia exhausts homologated in Europe and in Switzerland?
Yes, all Roadsitalia exhausts are homologated and a paper certificate is provided with them to be kept together with the motorbike documents. It is not necessary to register the exhaust in the motorbike's document. Just carry the certificate that is supplied with your motorbike at all times. The code on the certificate must correspond to the code on the exhaust system.
Swiss customers can request the dedicated certificate for the Swiss market by email (by sending a copy of their motorcycle document).

What is included in the kit?
The following components are included in the Roadsitalia package:

Homologated Sports Exhaust
Connection pipe and manifold (depending on the motorbike model, what is included will be specified)
Terminal band with rubber
Spacers and Brackets
Db Killer
Certificate of Approval and Approval Code
Pair of High Temperature Stickers
(Optional) Sports Catalytic Converter
(Optional) Db Killer No Noise

Is the Db Killer included? What is it? Is it removable? Are there different versions? (Standard - No-Noise - Extreme)
Yes, all Roadsitalia exhausts are sold complete with db killer.
The Db killer consists of a perforated insert that fits inside the silencer. Its purpose is to reduce the sound of the sports exhaust and make it compliant with the law for driving on public roads.
Db-killers are not removable as required by law: they are fixed with a dedicated rivet.
The customer, exclusively for use on racetracks or private roads, may tamper with the rivet and remove the Db-Killer.
Tampering with this component is a choice of the customer and Roadsitalia does not take any responsibility in case of disputes or warranty issues.

The standard Db killer is always included in our kits. Customers wishing to reduce the sound even further can opt for the No-Noise version, which uses an internal metal mesh to reduce the sound even further.

Db Killer No Noise Roadsitalia

The Db Killer Extreme, on the other hand, is a fake db killer that does not reduce sound but prevents foreign objects from entering the silencer.

Db Killer Extreme Roadsitalia

What is the catalytic converter used for? Is it compulsory to install it? Does it change the performance?
All motorbikes from 2003 onwards are originally fitted with a catalytic converter.
The catalytic converter is required for road use and for both sound and emissions.
To be fully compliant you need to buy the exhaust together with the optional catalytic converter.
The exhaust with catalytic converter has dual homologation (sound and emissions).
The exhaust without catalytic converter is only homologated for sound.
A sports exhaust allows the exhaust fumes to flow out of the exhaust system more quickly, which results in significantly better revs from the low rpm range as well as increased power, especially in the high rpm range.
With the aid of the catalytic converter, performance in the low to medium range is increased, whereas without the catalytic converter there is a slight loss of torque in the low rpm range but greater explosiveness in the high rpm range. The catalytic converter also reduces the sound of the sports exhaust as it filters out the exhaust gases coming out of the engine.

For more information, see the homologation page by clicking here: Homologation infos.

Is it necessary to remap the motorbike's ECU or install an add-on module?
No, it is not mandatory to remap the ECU or install an add-on module. The Roadsitalia exhaust can be installed and used without the need for this type of modification.
The more demanding customers who want to optimise the engine and obtain the maximum power can consider this type of operation.

What are the production/delivery times?
All Roadsitalia exhausts are made to order following receipt of the order and are shipped within a range of 7 to 15 working days. The estimated production/shipping time is visible during the order process on the website..

Where are Roadsitalia exhausts produced?
Our trusted craftsmen and technicians lovingly build Roadsitalia sports exhausts every day in the Leffe (BG) factory. With great honour we confirm that these are 100% Made in Italy products.

What kind of warranty do you offer?
All Roadsitalia products are covered by a two-year warranty from the date of delivery. The warranty does not cover components subject to wear and tear such as the rock wool inside the silencer.

Are the silencers ready for fitting?
All silencers supplied by us come with the connecting pipe to the original manifold. Some versions also include the complete manifold (in this case it is specified) or in other cases instead of the connector there is the plug-in flange with bolts, BOLT-ON system.
In any case, all our products are ready for assembly and come with the complete kit.

What is the difference between the various silencers you can choose from?
All silencer models, having similar sizes, offer the same kind of result in terms of performance, weight, sound and heat reduction.
We recommend basing your choice on the aesthetic result you wish to achieve and the budget you wish to invest.
On this dedicated page you can view the various silencer models and their characteristics:

Roadsitalia Sports Exhausts - Models

Differences between the SPECIAL and DOUBLEFIRE models?
The SPECIAL model has a carbon outlet the Doublefire model has a carbon outlet and also a carbon inlet.

Does the price refer to the pair?
The price refers to the pair in the case that the bike is originally fitted with two silencers.
In the special cases such as TDM 850 2/1 and Hypermotard 796 and 1100 2/1 it is specified that it is only one silencer.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Bank transfer, Credit cards, Paypal, Klarna (instalment payment).

Where can I find information about my order?
Logging into your account with your e-mail address and registration password will allow you to view the products you have purchased and the status of your order.

For any other questions or concerns: contact us.